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Spelling Ambiguity


Expecting Express but found express

Variable names are case sensitive.Using the same spelling with only the case difference could potentially end up in ambiguity
This error is caused by not having a definition for the PORT variable. The PORT variable is required for the server to run properly.
This error is caused by trying to reference a database that does not exist. Make sure that you have created the database before trying to reference it.
This error is caused by having too many parentheses. Make sure that there is a matching parentheses for every function call.


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The Kodezi AI engine will analyze your code for bugs, then automatically fix your code. Our engine is comprised of millions of lines of code!

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After analyzing issues with your code, Kodezi will auto-fix all issues along give you a detailed report on what bug was stopping your code from running.

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Debug code with detailed explainations

Kodezi doesn't just fix your him code for you, it tells you why it’s wrong and how to prevent future bugs

Optimize your code for optimum efficiency

Reduce unnecessary lines of code and syntax to ensure a clean end results.

Translate code to another language

Swap from one framework or language to another at an instant, without losing context.

Generate your code documentation

When writing code, commenting and explanations are crucial for future maintenance.

“We’re On A Mission To 10x Productivity In Programming!”

Spent annually on identifying & fixing product defects

Hours a year is spent by developers debugging.

Bugs per 1000 lines of code is created on average by a developer.

Is the amount of time longer it takes to fix a bug vs. writing code.


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