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We’re on a mission to  10x productivity in programming

We empower programmers & developers to reduce the amount of time taken to debug and streamline their codebase.


Spent annually on identifying & fixing product defects


Hours a year is spent by developers debugging.


Per 1000 lines of code is created on average by a developer.


Is the amount of time longer it takes to fix a bug vs. writing code.

The story behind us

Kodezi was founded in 2019 by immigrant founder Ishraq Khan. As a student adjusting to a new life, learning was a major theme. Ishraq spent most of his time studying English and learning to write code. While the English language was not something his classmates struggled with, programming languages were. Ishraq sought to bridge the gap between his experience of learning English and his class learning to program to create something new. A Grammarly for programmers was the result.

After 3 years of learning AI and machine learning concepts, Ishraq successfully created a ML model that had an accuracy rate of up to 80% and grew this into a platform for solving coding issues in real-time.

Today, Kodezi is a startup building AI solutions to maximize programming efficiency. Whether you’re a student learning to code or a company building enterprise solutions, our mission is to improve the skills and efforts of all programmers.