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Kodezi is changing the way we work and write code through AI. At Kodezi we're building a platform for 10x programming productivity in all sectors.

Our goal is to give our users the best tools they can have in order to reduce the time it takes individuals away from programming and building out their projects. We are super focused on the future of AI in the developer tools space and we're looking for talented humans to build this future alongside us.

If Kodezi interests you and you want to build this alongside us, we would love for you to apply!

Before going through the below open roles, it's worth noting:

  • We're only looking to bring on folks with mid-to-senior level skill sets at the moment. At this stage of the company, we're super focused on product and early team members are expected to have large ownership.
  • We don't care what technology/tools you've used in the past. We're big believers that although tools and technologies change frequently, fundamentals don't. We encourage you to apply even if you’ve never worked with our stack.
  • We understand that your current life/job situation may get in the way of our interview process (specifically in terms of time commitment). We're flexible; reach out and we'll be sure to make something work.

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Kodezi - Grammarly for programmers. | Product Hunt

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