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You Code, Kodezi Auto-Generates

Let Kodezi auto generate your code in seconds.

Kodezi is Grammarly for programmers.

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Who can benefit from Kodezi?

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For Students

Submit better assignments

Kodezi boosts your productivity while coding!

Introducing KodeziChat

Generate, Ask, Search, Code Anything in your codebase with KodeziChat. Your personal AI coding assistant!

Debug code with detailed explanations

Kodezi doesn't just fix your code for you, it tells you why it’s wrong and how to prevent future bugs

Optimize your code for optimum efficiency

Reduce unnecessary lines of code and syntax to ensure a clean end results.

Translate code to another language

Swap from one framework or language to another in an instant, without losing context.

Generate your code documentation

When writing code, commenting and explanations are crucial for future maintenance.

Generate Code

Generate code from text, input a project question or create an entire function all in seconds!

“We’re On A Mission To 10x Productivity In Programming!”

Spent annually on identifying & fixing product defects

Hours a year is spent by developers debugging.

Bugs per 1000 lines of code is created on average by a developer.

Is the amount of time longer it takes to fix a bug vs. writing code.


Loved by our users

Use our extension within your own IDE, never have to rely on opening up new tabs ever again!

I love what Kodezi is doing with debugging, feels like I just unlocked a new superpower!


Software Engineer

Kodezi is fantastic, it's one of those things you wish existed when you were learning to code but now can use it while you work.


Backend System Engineer

Empowering developers and increasing productivity in hard but I think Kodezi is a step closing to doing this, I really love this and want this on PyCharm ASAP!


Machine Learning Engineer

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Kodezi boosts your productivity while coding! Regardless of your experience or skill!

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