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Kodezi Cloud allows seamless cloud integrations within your code base.

What We offer

CI/CD Automation

Focus on pushing code that doesn't break your codebase. Kodezi Cloud finds issues in your code before every push, reviews it for you, and auto fixes it. Kodezi Cloud offers much more than just a linter.

Kodezi Integration

Kodezi has integrations with GitHub, BitBucket, and GitLab. We can be in your codebase from GitHub or a single terminal run command.

Kodezi automatically integrates with most version control and solves issues before they break your code.

Automated Pull Requests

Kodezi doesn't just tell you that your code can't be pushed; it fixes all issues. Kodezi can automatically pull requests and push code without needing any help from you.

Automated Code Review

Need your code reviewed by someone? Kodezi can auto-review your code, help you understand your mistakes, let you know best practices and push your code for you.

Maximize your team’s productivity

Maximize efficiency and reduce time taken to push code!

Join the waitlist

We are still in beta and rolling out Kodezi Cloud features everyday!

Connect with tools

Add integrations with tools like Slack, Github, and Asana with ease!

Pricing that scales

Kodezi scales with you as you scale your codebase.

Our Investors

Meet the amazing investors helping Kodezi excel forward!

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