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Meet Kodezi Cloud, AutoHeal your codebase while you focus on what matters.

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Swiss-Army Knife for programmers to to increase programming productivity!

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Focus on pushing code that doesn't break your codebase. Kodezi Cloud finds issues in your code before every push

Automated Code Review

Elevate your code quality using Kodezi's automated code review. Reduce manual effort, streamline your review process and amplify productivity.

Automated Pull Requests

Say goodbye to the stress of dealing with unpushable codes. Kodezi smartly identifies and rectifies code issues, facilitating hassle-free pull requests.

Fix Every Code Issue

Kodezi accurately understands the context of your code within your repository, promptly detects and corrects all anomalies.

Efficient Code Optimization

Using optimized practices and built-in methods spanning over multiple languages.

Professional Coding Standards

Standardize your code, reducing the risk of a security breach and boosting maintainability.

Perfecting CI/CD Automation

Prioritize pushing code that strengthens your codebase. Kodezi Cloud identifies and rectifies all issues before you push your code, ensuring a smooth continuous delivery process.

Automated Builds

Swiftly crafts software from code changes, eliminating manual fuss.

Agile Testing

Automated testers catch bugs before they multiply, ensuring flawless code.

Effortless Deployment

Effortlessly transports applications to their destinations, spreading magic in an instant.

Empower Your Codebase: Unifying Quality, Security, and Efficiency

Elevate your coding standards and amplify your development impact today!

Streamlined Documentation

Effortlessly document your code to foster collaboration and understanding.

Robust Exception Management

Identify and handle exceptions for more reliable applications.

Fortified Code Security

Shield your code against vulnerabilities and breaches.

Precision Code Formatting

Maintain readability and reduce errors with automated formatting.

Adaptable Standards

Customize the platform to match your team's coding preferences.

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