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How to use Kodezi?


Kodezi is an AI startup providing tools to maximize productivity when programming. Our initial product consists of an AI-assisted development tool that automatically corrects code, which serves as a Grammarly for programming.

Kodezi automatically analyzes bugs and fixes them for you and explains details about the bug. Kodezi can optimize, convert, and even generate comments on your code automatically.

Kodezi’s core mission is to act as an autocorrect for code, rather than autocomplete - the approach taken by Copilot and other solutions. Kodezi allows users to automatically debug and solve coding issues rather than autofill code like other companies. 

Kodezi can be used by programmers across all industries. Whether you’re just getting started, a professional seeking optimization, or an enterprise looking to reduce project completion times, Kodezi can dramatically improve your programming efforts. Learn more about use cases.

Kodezi offers both free and paid plans depending on your usage, learn more on our pricing page.

Your code and data will never be shared. At Kodezi, we know privacy is paramount. Kodezi’s AI engine is run on your browser, and all code and data are being actively protected. Read more about our code privacy here.

How to use Kodezi?

You can learn more about how to use Kodezi in our documentation which can be found here.

Kodezi currently supports 30+ languages depending on the specific feature you use. Learn more about the languages Kodezi supports in our documentation here.

Kodezi currently only supports Visual Studio Code (Vscode), we plan on supporting more IDE’s in the future!

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