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How to use Kodezi?


Kodezi is an AI startup providing tools to maximise efficiency when programming. Our initial product consists of an auto-correct for programmers, which serves as a Grammarly for programming languages.

Kodezi was initially created in early 2019 as a side project. The idea was to provide a solution for programmers who had limited access to datasets and trained models. After 3 years of training data sets and building a custom AI engine, Kodezi was established.

All Kodezi features are instantaneous using our AI engine.

Live Assistance: Web-based IDE for real-time coding assistance.

Debugging: Identify and resolve errors in code.

Code Restructure: Restructure lines of code for optimum efficiency.

Language Converter: Convert code to a different language or framework.

Generate Comments: Auto-generate comments and explanations

Kodezi can be used by programmers across all industries. Whether you’re just getting started, a professional seeking optimization, or an enterprise looking to reduce project completion times, Kodezi can dramatically improve your programming efforts.

Kodezi is based in Orlando, Florida and was developed by founder Ishraq Khan. The team is comprised of talented individuals who believe AI and machine learning can bring a positive impact and change the future of work.

How to use Kodezi?

Kodezi’s AI Engine is a combination of billions of lines of open-source code from the world’s most trusted repositories and GPT-3 advanced datasets. After 3 years of fine tuning, Kodezi’s custom algorithms are able to provide efficient tools to enhance your programming skills with ease.

Kodezi offers both free and paid plans depending on your usage.

Your code and data will never be shared. At Kodezi, we know privacy is paramount. Kodezi’s AI engine is run on your browser, and all code and data are being actively protected.

Kodezi’s main focus is to provide the best AI-driven tools to make programming more efficient. We are currently working on various new features that align with our mission and will be releasing them very soon as we launch beta access. As a startup, we are also open to suggestions from our early users

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Kodezi - Grammarly for programmers. | Product Hunt

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